Animal: Tiger (3rd)

The fiesty little tiger who is the main character. He hates being called short, and upon even hearing the word will proceed to track down the person who said it and chew on their head. Despite saying he hates sweet things, he loves Pocky.

Age: 17

His full name is Benjamin Mackenzie, but everyone calls him Mac because there were too many Bens already. A very normal high school kid from all appearances, he doesn't really stand out in a crowd.

Animal: Cat

Known otherwise as Neko-yasha, or Cat-demon. He plans to crash the Zodiac Battle this year, and who knows what will happen! Nothing much else is known about him.

Animal: Dog (11th)

The silent, noble swordsman. Inu has a strict personal code that he adheres to, almost like bushido. He is the complete opposite of Tora - where Tora charges in head first without a thought, Inu prefers to analyse the situation before acting. Just like his animal personification, Inu is loyal almost to a fault. He will never hesitate to protect his partner and his friends.

Age: 18

Her full name is Nicole Lee, but everyone calls her by her last name for some reason. Raised in a dojo, she is skilled in martial arts and has learned discipline from a very young age. Because of her intimidating nature, she doesn't have many friends.

Animal: Monkey (9th)

Saru is a bit of a diva. He loves showing off, and often has the confidence to back it up. All the partners he has chosen so far are either already famous, or have gone on to become famous after the Battle. He fights with incredible martial skill, and when needed, pulls out his staff for added power. He is very agile and good at dodging physical attacks.

Age: 20

Den is short for Dennis Craig. He is the guitarist/vocalist in an upcoming indie band called 4Signs. He loves performing, and loves his music, though has been said to be a bit too full of himself from time to time. He and Saru have struck a good friendship, and they see a lot of themselves in each other.

Future characters
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