Every 13 years the Chinese Zodiac race is reenacted as a tribute to the original event. The 12 animal gods descend to Earth and pick twelve humans to act as their "guardians". What started as a simple race soon evolved into an all out battle royale.

This year however, one of the animals who lost is stirring for revenge...

About the author

Toraneko is mostly a digital artist, and has been drawing for nearly 10 years. This is her first proper attempt at an ongoing sequential comic.
When she's not busy with commissions or uni, sketching out concept art or doodling something random, she's usually found fangirling about various things like an insane person, listening to music, playing games, or lurking on YouTube.

Where you can find Tora's other art: FurAffinity, Deviantart, Tumblr


It started one day when I was going home - the idea of a comic that uses anthropomorphized zodiac animals to fight.

I took a lot of the initial concepts from Onmyou Taisenki. Later on as I got to develop how the other characters look like, I drew a lot of inspiration from video game art from Dynasty Warriors and King of Fighters.

My overall goal is to make it like a typical shounen/action manga, so with that I'm really starting to pay attention to what other mangaka are doing. :D